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History of Barangay Inclanay

According to the early inhabitants of the barangay, Inclanay was discovered by a mangyan. He was so kind and industrious. The barangay was named after this mangyan whose name was “Inclanay” who became the leader of this place.

During those early times, this mangyan who was at legal age was very much more by this tribesmen because of his kindness and diligence in working. But this did not last long because his life was ended by a dreaded decease. From then on, this barangay was named after him to remember his leadership.

Inclanay was separated from Barangay Nabuslot sometime in 1931. The first Barangay Lieutenant was Francisco Reyes. He was succeeded by Felimon Reyes in 1934. Gonzalo Jalotjot succeeded Reyes in 1936 but was defeated by Rizal Gabayno in 1960. Gonzalo Jalotjot was reelected in 1962 but was defeated by Atanacio Sapunto in the 1966 Barangay Elections. Mr. Jalotjot was again reelected in 1968 with term enacting in 1970. He was the Barangay Lieutenant.

In the 1970 barangay election, Atanacio Sapunto won over Gonzalo Jalotjot and became the first Barangay Captain of Inclanay. His term ended in 1976 when he was replaced by Moises Vllanueva. Mr. Villanueva was succeeded by Pedro Dalawampu in 1977. Atanacio Sapunto became the Barangay Chairman in 1979 up to 1991. Elena Delfin succeeded him in 1991 up to 1994. The Barangay Election in 1994, Mariano Rance was elected as Punong Barangay but his term shortened by a very dreadful decease.

During his incumbency and because of the cooperation given to him by the barangay council, the barangay gradually improved. In his almost nine years of dedicated service to the barangay, the residents joined hand and hand towards the realization of their long dreamed goal. That is to achieve peace, unity and progress.


His unfinished term was continued by the first councilor-elect Jocelyn F. Moong who started January 26, 2004. She was tasked to maintain and continue the peace, unity and progress initiated by her predecessors. In 2007 synchronized Barangay and Sanguniang Kabataan elections, Jocelyn Moong won as Punong Barangay of Inclanay with her Kagawad Nelson Rance, Ricardo Jalotjot, Restituto Morales, Antonio Perez, Francisco Lolong, Remelia Jalotjot and Manolo Arriola while John Carlo Rance was the elected Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman. Mrs. Ma. Corazon Layron andMrs. Thelma Cueto were appointed Barangay Treasurer and Barangay Secretary respectively.

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